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Institut für Deutsche Schneckenzucht Nersingen
Eibenweg 22 a
89278 Nersingen
Tel. +49(0)7308 924735
Fax +49(0)7308 924734
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Institute for German Snail Farming

Tasks and Goals of IDS

The Institute for German Snail Farming (IDS) is the central

representation in the field of farming Roman snails and

as such is the reference authority for application- and measures-

orientated research, apart from being the leading body for

marketing subjects.



The tasks of the Institute for German Snail Farming include:

  • The recognition of important farming and marketing problems
    and the related scientific questions
  • Application- and measures-orientated research about these problems
  • Information, training and advice of and for the independent snail
    farmers and the branch in general
  • Maintaining and safeguarding of trade activities for the
    breeding technology and breeding animals and their processing

The IDS exchanges scientific experiences and cooperates with scientific partners and our independent farmers of Roman snails (Helix pomatia).



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