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Institut für Deutsche Schneckenzucht Nersingen
Eibenweg 22 a
89278 Nersingen
Tel. +49(0)7308 924735
Fax +49(0)7308 924734
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Transfer of know-how

The model enterprise Deutsche Schneckenzucht "Helix" involves

all fields that are of importance for snail farming:


1) Advice

Advice at the preparatory stage, construction/dimension of

farming plant.


2) Training

No success without information.

Our training courses are exclusively restricted to our contract

partners/customers. The training courses cover all pertinent fields,

such as biology (snails/plants), practice-related initial training,

tasks in the course of a year, general theoretical knowledge about

snail farming, subjects related to licensing and transfer into

practice. But also the principles of fiscal and special commercial

aspects are dealt with in detail.


3) Material

An adequate infrastructure is part of a good training in snail farming.

Our customers are taking advantage of our sound conditions. We are

negotiating with large-scale suppliers, a practice that guarantees

stable prices and quality.

Our range of products includes the complete equipment for your

farming plant:

  • Fence facilities - outside
  • Fence facilities - inside (nets, etc.)
  • Snails mature for breeding
  • Seeds for food plants
  • Miscellaneous


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